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Our Mission

Ballard Soccer Club was formed over 25 years ago with the intent of providing an organized soccer option for kids in the central Iowa Ballard area.  Our mission has always been to grow the desire and love of the game of soccer in our youth.  We rely heavily on volunteers from the dedicated group who assist in running the business of the club, to the parent coaches of our various teams. 

We offer teams for ages 6 to 18, age groups labeled U8 through U19.  U8, for example, simply means players younger than 8 years.  Our club plays games in the fall (Sept/Oct) and spring (Apr/May).

It is important to note that we are primarily a level 3 club within Iowa Soccer.  Level 3 is also known as recreational soccer.  Youth soccer in Iowa is organized into 3 levels each with a different competitive level and cost commitment.

Level 1, Academy, $1500 per season or more, 20+ games per season, traveling tournaments.  Tryouts required.  Paid coach with qualified soccer coaching license will coach team.

Level 2, State League, $500+ per season, 15+ games per season, tournaments within Iowa.   Tryouts required.  Paid coach most likely provided.

Level 3, recreational soccer, <$500 per season, 7+ games, tournaments at discretion of coach/parents.  Parent coach unless parents elect a paid licensed coach, and one is available for the season. Tryouts are not allowed at this level.  The spirit of level 3 is to provide a place for youth to come to enjoy the game of soccer while learning how to play it regardless of ability.

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